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Taal is een raadsel, het juiste woord een puzzel. Aanvankelijk was het advies een studie Frans, maar Engels bleek praktischer gedurende een 5-jarig verblijf in New York en Los Angeles. Daar verdiepte me in Amerikaanse filmscripts.

Certificates in Advanced English language: English communication skills at a high level and C1 level of British Language Training Center. Exam Council of Europe, level B2 2013.

Elementary courses in Russian and Spanish.

A.o. Translations for Eye Filmmuseum (Theresienstadt: Film or Truth), Isabella Films, Els van de Vorst (Oorlogswinter, Brimstone, part I), De Nieuwe Unie, Van der Hoop Film Producties.

Nach dem Mord an Theo van Gogh – Ein Tag mit Folgen (2005) Dutch research and executive production of documentary by director Karin Jurschick, Zero Film Berlin, ARTE Germany, France.

Prisoner of Paradise (2003) about Kurt Gerron, the popular German Jewish actor and film director. As a prisoner of the Nazi's in the Theresienstadt camp he tried to save his life by making a propaganda film. Nontheless he was transported to Auschwitz after the shooting, where he was killed in October 1944. Dutch research and executive production. PBS documentary by Sender, Clarke & Eberts, Oscar nomination 2003.  

Theresienstadt: Film of Waarheid (1995) and screenplay To dance or die (1994). 

Van Gogh's Ear (1991) screenplay with Tony Garcia (dir.) Minimal movie, premiered at Filmex L.A. In this tragic-comic feature film an international theatre company is trying to compete for the 'Van Gogh’s Ear prize.' PG film, coll. Eye/Filmmuseum. Prods.

Whitewash (1983) research and co-screenplay with Tony Garcia.  A famous mural by the Mexican painter David Alfaro Siqueiros for decades whitewashed in Los Angeles, 1983.

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